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Let's play a game...

Let's play a game. We'll drop the price of the OG Take it Easy promo tee for every consecutive game that the Knicks win in the playoffs this year!

These shirts are already at a ridiculously low price of $8 right now, and if 'Melo and the boys keep winning, we'll keep dropping the price.

BUT, if the Knicks lose a game (like that ugly one yesterday), the price is going back up!

Do you pick one up now? Or, do you risk it and wait for a lower price??


Let's Go Knicks!

We hope everyone is rocking their blue and orange today in support of the Knicks!

Nothing against the Nets, but our hearts were already taken when you moved to BK... Get it line.

Tonight, the Knicks try again to knock the Celtics out and advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. I've gotta be honest, it's been fun being a fan of a team you expect to lose games, but these past few seasons have spoiled me and now I expect to WIN IT ALL. I suppose that's just NY mentality.

So here's to hoping that JR Smith wasn't out at the Pink Elephant last night like he was before game 5. Going 0-10 from the field isn't going to cut it, tonight. 

Elikes: 10¢ Wings & the Knicks

Since the Rusty Knot Party Bus had it’s final voyage of the year last week, we figured we’d let you in on some more stuff we feel pretty strongly about. How about some cheap-ass food, paired nicely with our newly-revamped Knicks (not sad to see you go, Gallinari), and topped off with a nearly endless selection of beers. Welcome to Croxley Ales in Alphabet City. Monday - Wednesday Croxley shells out 10¢ wings by the truckload. Since Verizon FiOS is dumb enough not to carry the MSG Network in HD, you’ll find us strapped down to a table or bar stool at least one of those nights to watch the new team try to not keep the Knicks legacy of losing every game ever. Those boys look hungry… don’t they? Hungry for hot wings to fuel that playoff fire.

take it Easy,

The Electrolites Team

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