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Let's Go Knicks!

We hope everyone is rocking their blue and orange today in support of the Knicks!

Nothing against the Nets, but our hearts were already taken when you moved to BK... Get it line.

Tonight, the Knicks try again to knock the Celtics out and advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. I've gotta be honest, it's been fun being a fan of a team you expect to lose games, but these past few seasons have spoiled me and now I expect to WIN IT ALL. I suppose that's just NY mentality.

So here's to hoping that JR Smith wasn't out at the Pink Elephant last night like he was before game 5. Going 0-10 from the field isn't going to cut it, tonight. 

'Take it Easy' Promo Tee now on sale for a limited time!

That’s right everyone, for a limited time you can get the Electrolites ‘take it Easy’ tee for only $12! When these shirts sell out they will be gone forever, so don’t miss out!

Support your favorite footwear company and let everyone know what’s up at the same time. 

Printed on super soft 50/25/25 tri-blend material with the Electrolites slogan sketched on the front, and logo and website below the neckline on the back, these tees are a must-have!

Only available in the Electrolites Footwear Online Shop!

Meet Gregory Ito, the newest Electrolites Artist.

Today is a day for art, and we would like to present to you our newest Electrolites Artist: the insanely talented Gregory Ito! Based in San Francisco, Ito is our first Electrolites Artist outside of NYC, but Greg has been beasting up the SF art scene for years now, and we’ve definitely got love for the Left Coast too.

Gregory is the Co-Founder of Ever Gold Gallery, as well as the Co-Founder/Editor of San Francisco Arts Quarterly.

Be sure to head over to Gregory Ito’s artist page on our website to check out his killer artwork while the world waits as patient as it can for the upcoming Electrolites x Gregory Ito Collection!

Art. Shoes. Love.
- Electrolites

The Caleb Freese Collection - Launching Today!

Merry Monday, peoples of the world! Today we are officially launching the Caleb Freese Collection. There are only 5 pairs of shoes available, each one unlike any other. These masterpieces were hand-painted by Freese in Brooklyn, NY. Make sure to check out all of the pictures of this limited collection in the Electrolites Footwear Online Shop!

The Electrolites x Caleb Freese Collection is designed in Freese’s unique style of combining multiple design elements and imagery to create a multi-layered final product. The result is a piece of art that is beautiful both in it’s harmony and slight disconnect. View more of Freese’s work here.

“Freese merges painting, photography, design, and printmaking into a seamless but disparate display of beauty, energy, intimate human interaction, and the motion created as masses of people collide.”
-Jan Spellar (PACC art critic)

RHLS for Electrolites Footwear - Launching today!

Available starting today in the Online Shop, we are pleased to announce the HUMANIZE MASTER Collection from Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty! Included in this release is the much anticipated HUMANIZED MASTER Sneaker, the first of the RHLS for Electrolites Footwear Collection.

“The HUMANIZE MASTER sneaker is an LED-lit shoe inspired by peaking pre-amps and humanized beats that’s as conceptual as it is wearable.” 

RHLS’s HUMANIZE MASTER Collection totes an impressive mainstream reception to date. The pop-sensible RHLS concept has been endorsed by music/fashion icons such as Kelis and Rihanna! The HM Bodysuit was worn by Kelis on last summer’s All Hearts West Tour, and the HM Tank (available here) is currently on tour on the backs of Rhianna’s back-up dancers this summer!

Now for the first time ever, HUMANIZE MASTER footwear is available to match the whole collection and to kick some color into your summer outfits!

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