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Korakrit in New York Times' T Magazine

Read this wonderful article in the New York Times' T Magazine blog about Electrolites Artist, Korakrit Arunanondchai! 

The article touches base on some of the artist's recent works which we have been very fond of, and raises that excitement even further in anticipation of his MoMA PS1 exhibit this spring.

Click through the photo below to read the article:


Opening this Saturday, February 9th, is a solo exhibition of new works by our friend and bad ass Electrolites Artist Korakrit Arunanondchai entitled, “PAINTING WITH HISTORY IN A ROOM FILLED WITH MEN WITH FUNNY NAMES”.

The exhibition will run from Feb. 9th through March 24th at CLEARING in BK.


505 Johnson Ave #10

Brooklyn, NY 11237


Korakrit’s work never disappoints so be sure to not to miss this one. If the name of the exhibition doesn’t intrigue you enough.. check out this sweet still image capture from the exhibit’s teaser video:

POINT OF VISION - Works by Gregory Ito. Opening this Saturday!

If you happen to find yourself in San Francisco this weekend, our boy Gregory Ito has an opening this Saturday, August 6th at Gallery Hijinks. Opening Reception 6-10pm.

“Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Point of Vision, a collection of painting, sculpture, and installation by Gregory Ito. In this new body of work Gregory continues his exploration of the concept of time, broadening his focus from lunar cycles to the cycle of a day, or rather everyday, from dawn to dusk and back again. Please join us for the opening reception on August 6th, 2011 from 6-10pm. 

Throughout our humanly existence, time is depicted through the sequenced deconstruction of the constant relationship between night and day. The relationship we hold with the Sun, Moon, and Earth has been an evolution of ideas that continues to the days of contemporary society. The tools we use to define time have changed from Stone Hedge to the modern day calendar. 

Gregory Ito’s current body of work is a reflection of human perception of these shifts presented through the mediums of painting, sculpture, and installation. The images he creates depict new ways to visually understand the concept of time, and use the celestial forms: Sun, Moon, and Earth, as reference points to the relationships that are discussed within each piece. The body of work carries this dialogue of our human connection with the linear progression forward into the future.” 

Check out Gregory’s Electrolites Artist page here!

Meet Gregory Ito, the newest Electrolites Artist.

Today is a day for art, and we would like to present to you our newest Electrolites Artist: the insanely talented Gregory Ito! Based in San Francisco, Ito is our first Electrolites Artist outside of NYC, but Greg has been beasting up the SF art scene for years now, and we’ve definitely got love for the Left Coast too.

Gregory is the Co-Founder of Ever Gold Gallery, as well as the Co-Founder/Editor of San Francisco Arts Quarterly.

Be sure to head over to Gregory Ito’s artist page on our website to check out his killer artwork while the world waits as patient as it can for the upcoming Electrolites x Gregory Ito Collection!

Art. Shoes. Love.
- Electrolites

The Caleb Freese Collection - Launching Today!

Merry Monday, peoples of the world! Today we are officially launching the Caleb Freese Collection. There are only 5 pairs of shoes available, each one unlike any other. These masterpieces were hand-painted by Freese in Brooklyn, NY. Make sure to check out all of the pictures of this limited collection in the Electrolites Footwear Online Shop!

The Electrolites x Caleb Freese Collection is designed in Freese’s unique style of combining multiple design elements and imagery to create a multi-layered final product. The result is a piece of art that is beautiful both in it’s harmony and slight disconnect. View more of Freese’s work here.

“Freese merges painting, photography, design, and printmaking into a seamless but disparate display of beauty, energy, intimate human interaction, and the motion created as masses of people collide.”
-Jan Spellar (PACC art critic)

Dude, you're getting a KORAKRIT Dell!

Whatever happened to the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy?? Oh wait, yeah, I forgot for a second. Anyways, you can now deck out your Dell Inspiron laptop in the best way possible: with a lid designed by an Electrolites Artist!

The “X” Lid is designed by KORAKRIT and is part of the SWITCH by Design Studio series of custom lids for 2011 Dell laptops. Check it out here.

Merry Monday,
Electrolites Footwear

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