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KORAKRIT Collection back for sale.. and ON sale!

The Electrolites x KORAKRIT Collection is back up after last weeks temporary hold, and as hinted, IT'S NOW ON SALE FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Kick that old woman in front of you off of the shared computer at your local internet cafe... YOU'VE GOT FRESH SNEAKERS TO COP!


 Disclaimer: Electrolites does not promote laying the smack down on elderly persons. 

SPRING SALE and a New Website!

What's good in your hood? In ours, we are basking in the warm NYC spring weather, drinking iced coffee, rocking some clean Electrolites, and checking out the brand new Electrolites Footwear website!

The best part about that new website, is the Spring Sale we have going on right now!

Footwear from our Premier Collection is on sale for just $99, and our much-loved, super soft, 'Take it Easy' promo tees are on super-duper-extra sale for just $8! Pick up another one if you have one already, get one NOW if you've been snoozing on them, or hook up a friend!

Hop on your comp and cop some fresh gear! But, most importantly, take it eeeeasy.


Opening this Saturday, February 9th, is a solo exhibition of new works by our friend and bad ass Electrolites Artist Korakrit Arunanondchai entitled, “PAINTING WITH HISTORY IN A ROOM FILLED WITH MEN WITH FUNNY NAMES”.

The exhibition will run from Feb. 9th through March 24th at CLEARING in BK.


505 Johnson Ave #10

Brooklyn, NY 11237


Korakrit’s work never disappoints so be sure to not to miss this one. If the name of the exhibition doesn’t intrigue you enough.. check out this sweet still image capture from the exhibit’s teaser video:

RHLS's 'Emoticon and On and On' now on sale at Seven!

RHLS S/S 12 Lookbook

Our bad ass friends at Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty have just launched their Spring/Summer ‘12 Collection, “Emoticon and On and On” at SEVEN New York!

Check out their brand new tees, tanks, leggings, miniskirts, and KILLER bathing suits and get ready for summer! Also peep their sweet lookbook - featuring models decked out in RHLS Summer gear and rocking Electrolites.

The line is also available at Moves in Brooklyn, and coming soon… the ELECTROLITES x EMOTICON shoe!

The Caleb Freese Collection - Launching Today!

Merry Monday, peoples of the world! Today we are officially launching the Caleb Freese Collection. There are only 5 pairs of shoes available, each one unlike any other. These masterpieces were hand-painted by Freese in Brooklyn, NY. Make sure to check out all of the pictures of this limited collection in the Electrolites Footwear Online Shop!

The Electrolites x Caleb Freese Collection is designed in Freese’s unique style of combining multiple design elements and imagery to create a multi-layered final product. The result is a piece of art that is beautiful both in it’s harmony and slight disconnect. View more of Freese’s work here.

“Freese merges painting, photography, design, and printmaking into a seamless but disparate display of beauty, energy, intimate human interaction, and the motion created as masses of people collide.”
-Jan Spellar (PACC art critic)

Thanks for Partying!

A BIG thanks to Mackswell and Sarah for putting on an awesome party at their new RHLS gallery/shop/production space/cool kid hang out. To everyone who came - you rock! To everyone who didn’t - don’t worry, we’ll be putting in your pre orders for the next run a.s.a.p.

take it Easy,

Team Electrolites

P.S. check out our facebook page for more pictures of the greatest par-tay ever!

Party Time!

In honor of the RHLS Store / Moves Gallery Grand Opening.. we’re having a party! The party also celebrates the KORAKRIT x Electrolites Footwear Collaboration as well as the upcoming RHLS x Electrolites Footwear Collab!

Music by:

Alaskas, Luke Perry, CH-ROM, Colin Self, & DJ Peter Piper

Free Beers and T Shirts provided by yours truly

The RHLS Store will be the only place that you can walk into and pick up a pair of ELites, so get yourself to Brooklyn and check it out!


Friday, Jan. 21st at the new MOVES Gallery: 214 Franklin St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Check out the flyer above for more info!

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